Slow down in Sompio

Make the most of the brief moments in the vast wilderness.

Have a holiday in peace and quiet

Enjoy the Lappish wilderness at its most beautiful in Sompio. Watch the wilderness or take a tour – by yourself or with a local guide. Whatever you choose, you are always surrounded by the peace and quiet of Sompio.

The Nattanen Fells

Sompio is famous for its six fells with peaked tops. The Nattanen Fells are made of hard red granite, therefore, unlike other fells, the Ice Age was not able to carve and flatten their peaks. The granite has chipped and turned into many metres high tors. These tors are a sight in themselves and also the Sámi peoples’ sacred places as they inhabit gods. During the snowless season you can follow the Pyhä-Nattanen trail (7 km) to the peak (508 m). You’ll get to the trail by taking the road Sompiojärven metsäautotie that starts at the border of the nature park. In winter, take a trip to the top of Iso Tankavaara and enjoy the view to the Nattanen Fells.

Tankavaara Gold Village

Exhibiting the gold digging culture of Lapland, the village was founded by the local gold diggers. In summer, you can try gold panning in the same places as the real prospectors. In winter, you can test your prospecting skills in our indoor panning pool. The Nugget Square displays buildings from gold fields around the world.

The Sámi villages of Vuotso and Purnumukka

The Sámi people are the only indigenous peoples in the European Union area. In the nook of the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve and Urho Kekkonen National Park by the E4 carriageway lies Finland’s southernmost Sámi village, Vuotso (Vuohčču in Sámi language).

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