Pan for gold in Sompio

There are many kinds of gold rush -related experiences on offer. Find out more and reserve your own!

You can keep any gold that you find whilst panning!

In Tankavaara there are different ways that you can pan for gold. During the winter, when snow covers the ground, you can learn how to use the gold pan indoors. When the summer comes, you can head outside to test your skills. If you wish, you can even rent a spot on a gold claim for a month.

There are a variety of gold-related guided tours and experiences available at Tankavaara, and you can keep any gold that you find whilst panning. You could even get an engagement or wedding ring made from gold that you’ve dug up yourself.

If you come to Sompio during the winter, when Lapland is in the grip of freezing temperatures, snow and northern lights, you can practice panning for gold indoors at Tankavaara. There are indoor gold panning pools at Tankavaara Gold Village. Even indoors, you can make genuine finds.

During the summer, in addition to using the indoor panning pool, you can try digging and panning for gold outside in nature. Tankavaara Gold Village’s outdoor panning pool is an easy place to start. When gold fever starts to takes over, you can rent yourself a spot from a genuine gold claim. A guide will show you how to get started and offer guidance as needed. Imagine digging for gold under the midnight sun!

Discover more about Lapland’s gold at Tankavaara

At Tankavaara there are two places where you can find out about the world of Lapland’s gold: Gold Prospector Museum and Tankavaara Gold Village. Furthermore, Kasper von Wuthenau, who is a familiar face to many visitors of the area, guides groups in the museum, on Tankavaara’s gold claims, and also on nature excursions.

The gold in Lapland is pure and ethically sourced

The gold content of Lappish nuggets is over 90 %. Certified Lappish gold is not only pure, but it’s also ethical and fully traceable. Wouldn’t it be fun to know, near which of Lapland’s wild fells or by which flowing river, the gold from the ring that glistens on your finger was discovered?

Sompio’s gold was discovered in a dream

Through the ages, powerful shamans and seers have lived in Lapland. Some kind of magical power might have been behind the discovery of Sompio’s gold, for the first gold was found in a dream.

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