How to get to Sompio

Sompio is a vast area in the middle of some of the most beautiful wilderness in Lapland. It's easy to reach both by car and by public transport.

By car

We recommend feeding the address of your accommodation into your navigation system.

For those travelling by car, Sompio is about a 12 hr drive from Helsinki and around 2.5 hrs from Rovaniemi along Highway 4 (Route E75) heading north. If driving from the South, you will reach Peurasuvanto first, then Vuotso and shortly after that, Tankavaara.​

​If flying to Lapland, you can rent a car from the airport. By car you can reach parts of Sompio that aren’t so easily accessible via public transport. Such areas are Purnumukka Village and Sompio Lake. We recommend feeding the address of your accommodation into your navigation system.

By bus and by train

Sompio is easy to reach by bus.

Unlike many other wilderness areas, Sompio is easy to reach by bus. There are daily services from Rovaniemi that run a number of times a day, which can take you to  Peurasuvanto, Vuotso or Tankavaara. On the Matkahuolto (Finland’s national bus timetable service) website you can look up your journey options and buy tickets.

Another pleasant way to travel to Sompio from the south is on the night train. Get on the night train to Rovaniemi and sleep through the journey. In the morning, feeling nice and refreshed, you can then hop on a bus, which will take you and your luggage all the way to Sompio. Check your journey options and buy your tickets from the VR website.


There are daily services from Rovaniemi that run a number of times a day, which can take you to Peurasuvanto, Vuotso or Tankavaara.

Sompio’s nearest airports are Ivalo (68km), Kittilä (180km) and Rovaniemi (212km). Find a suitable flight on the Finavia website. From Rovaniemi airport there is a direct bus to Peurasuvanto, Vuotso and Tankavaara. You can look up the bus times timetables on the Matkahuolto website. The journey takes about 3 hours. It’s also worth asking your accommodation provider if they offer transfers from the airport.

​Distances from Vuotso

Helsinki 1027 km
Rovaniemi 219 km
Sodankylä 88 km
Ivalo 71 km
Inari 110 km
Nordkapp 475 km

Getting around in Sompio

The road to Peurasuvanto, Vuotso and Tankavaara, Highway 4 (Route E75) is a large and good quality road, which is regularly maintained. A bus travels along it a number of times a day. In Sompio there are also plenty of small dirt roads, whose condition cannot be guaranteed. For example, the 15km road from Vuotso to Sompio Strict Nature Reserve and Sompio Lake is a dirt/gravel road and we recommend checking it’s condition with Tankavaara Visitor Centre before heading out. Please note that unlike the main roads in the area, this road is not ploughed in the winter and therefore cannot be driven on. It’s worth checking with your accommodation provider about transport options in the area, particularly in the winter or if you want to head out onto the water.

Traffic in Lapland

In Lapland reindeer can be found wandering in the road anywhere and at any time, and they don’t pay much attention to cars. When you see reindeer in the road, slow right down, as their movement can be very unpredictable. If an approaching car flashes its lights at you, there are probably reindeer on the road ahead.​

If you want to photograph reindeer on the road, always check that you are not causing any potential danger to other road users. You must never park a car by a bend or on a hill where you might not be seen. Make sure that you find a wider part of the road, a layby, parking area or junction at which you can stop safely.

​Please note that fuel stops in Lapland are few and distances between them are long. Don’t ever risk leaving fueling until your tank is almost empty. If you’re not used to driving in Finland in the winter and have rented a car, please ask your car rent​al dealer for comprehensive instructions on how to drive safely in freezing conditions.

Rovaniemi airport

Rovaniemi airport (RVN), 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland

Kittilä airport

Kittilä airport, Levintie 259, 99100 Kittilä, Finland

Ivalo airport

Ivalo airport, Lentokentäntie 290, 99800 Inari, Finland



Rovaniemi railway station

Ratakatu, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland


Ivalontie 5086, 99600 Sodankylä, Finland


99690 Vuotso, Finland


Tankavaara, 99690 Sodankylä, Finland


Lokka Reservoir, Sodankylä, Finland


99690 Purnumukka, Finland

Urho Kekkonen National Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park, Finland

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