Andreas Alariesto

Andreas Alariesto (1900–1989) was a self-educated artist and a story-teller from Sompio. One of his jobs was as a janitor at the Vuotson Maja which today serves as a bed and breakfast. Alariesto’s life-long mission was to record the old Sompio before it disappeared.
His colourful artworks tell a story of the everyday people. They are also visual stories from his childhood. Like any good story, also his stretches the truth somewhat. Alariesto tells some ugly truths frankly, but with humour. This Lappish humour helps people survive in rough surroundings.

The life work of Alariesto is on display in the Museum-Gallery Alariesto in the centre of Sodankylä. The collection has 100 paintings, a miniature sculpture Lapin kylä (A village in Lapland) and personal items of the artist.


Museum-Gallery Alariesto

+358 40 158 7970

Jäämerentie 3, 99600 Sodankylä

Jäämerentie 3, 99600 Sodankylä

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