Experience Sompio in Winter

This is what the beauty, peace and purity of Lapland really means.

Sompio stands far away from the cities.

Because there is no light pollution, the Northern Lights and the Milky Way are much more visible. When the Moon shines its light on the snow, you will see that the darkness of Kaamos is not dark at all even at night! You have many ways to get acquainted with the winter of Sompio, safely and comfortably with a guide. Just book the desired activities online!

A Cosy Sleigh Ride to the Fells

If you are looking for comfort, an excellent choice is a sleigh ride up to the fells. Sitting warmly under the pelts in a sleigh being pulled by a snowmobile gives you ample time to enjoy the trip and the vast wilderness around you. Take in the atmosphere by the fire at a lean-to with a tasty outdoor snack, which is included in the sleigh rides. If you’re lucky, you might just spot some reindeer and maybe also the famous Northern Lights at night.

Snowshoeing is Easy and Fun

Snowshoeing is not only a good way to stay fit, but it’s also great fun! If you are in for a peaceful and slow-paced activity, snowshoeing in Sompio is just the thing. You can book a guided hike with snowshoes, and if the odds are in favour, you might see the Northern Lights. Naturally, we will not forget the time by the fire at a cosy hut, either! 

You can also rent snowshoes at the Gold Village, and take to the shimmering snow yourself! Take a shorter or a longer hike, the choice is yours! There are several campfire sites nearby, so you can get your own packed lunch and enjoy it by the fire. Good food always crowns a trip outdoors!

Dash Through the Wilderness with the Huskies

One of the most sought-after activities in Lapland is a husky ride. These sweet sled dogs will have no problem in showing you the meaning of speed. So step on and enjoy the ride! The husky rides are available in the village of Tankavaara for example on Gold Rush Days. For more information about the Gold Rush Days, and book your seat ahead online here.

Main photo: Heikki Sulander

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