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Welcome to the world of magical landscapes and happy hikers! Heikki Sulander takes you on a trip to Sompio's fells.
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Nature and  Photography – Sulander Photography

  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the Finnish Lapland. See how the clear water gleams on the horizon and the colours of autumn shine on the Pyhä-Nattanen slopes. Stable stone feels cool under your feet. If you were there, you might just click to get the photo of the situation. To remember the landscape and colors, but above all to capture a breathtaking feeling that feels in the heart. To return to it even after years. A photograph is never just a picture, but a captured memory and feeling. It is the base for the work of photographer Heikki Sulander.

“No one just wants a photo, but a captured feeling”, says Heikki Sulander

  Heikki looks at the world through the shutter in a different way than many others and strongly believes that it is possible to record every emotion to joy for sadness and anger to love. If Michelangelo found the characters inside the stone, Heikki digs the feeling out of the raw image and raises it as long as the original play of light and shadow is never destroyed.

Sulander Photography’s activities are based on omnipotence for photography and cinematography

  Events, landscapes, details or destination in the landscape. Strong personalities. Of course, every photographer has their own favorite shooting destinations. For Heikki, they are sunrises. In their own way, they encapsulate a man’s own attitude to life. Every sunrise is a new awakening and a new day. And sunrises are never like each other – just like the photos taken with emotion.  
  Would you like to have photos of you in a hiking trail or in a gold rush of Gold Village? Perhaps a special wedding photo in the nature landscape, in a place you love?   Heikki takes epic pictures of you and your family or friends so you can focus on experience and nature. He can also teach you to use your own camera.   After the hiking day, the photos will be processed and sent into your email.   Heikki offers photography and video services and content providing for companies, associations and travellers in Finland.

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