Sompio Strict Nature Reserve

Sompio Strict Nature Reserve protects an area of the original wildlife that existed before Lokka Reservoir was constructed. You may move in the area on foot, by bike and with snowshoes.

Rules and guidelines for Sompio Strict Nature Reserve

Different rules apply to a Strict Nature Reserve than to a National Park or anywhere else in Finnish nature. You are only permitted to hike on the official trail and must not wander off it. Sompio Strict Nature Reserve has two official trails: one is the aforementioned 7km circuit trail to Pyhä-Nattanen, and the other is Ruijanpolku. Ruijanpolku is an ancient, historic thoroughfare. It’s possible to hike the 35 km distance between Sompio lake and Saariselkä using this route. The trail also leads to the summit of Terävä-Nattanen.

When visiting Sompio Strict Nature Reserve in the summer or autumn, you can stop to make a campfire at one of the designated campfire spots and go canoeing on Sompio Lake. A gravel road, which is not snow-ploughed in the winter, leads to the Forestry Service -maintained rest area situated along the lakeshore. The resting area has huts and campfire sites, a bird tower and a boat jetty. Paddlers can depart from here to explore lakeshore spots. It’s worth seeing the Mutenia village, most of which ended up under Lokka Reservoir, but a few buildings have remained on the lake’s edge. The buildings are owned by Kemijoki Oy. It is not possible to visit the Mutenia village by land, but you can see it from a boat. From a boat it is also possible to see the great witch Akmeeli’s grave which under Strict Nature Reserve rules, it is forbidden to walk to.

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