The gold in Lapland is pure and ethically sourced

The Lappish gold nuggets have a gold content of more than 90 %. Gold sourcing in Lapland is also more environmentally friendly and safer because the gold prospectors only use water in the separation process.

Certified Lappish gold

You have probably heard the legends of Alaska’s and mid-America’s impressive gold discoveries, but did you know that the world’s purest gold is found in Europe, far north of the Arctic Circle, in Finnish Lapland?

The gold content of Lappish nuggets is over 90%. Unlike with nuggets in many other parts of the world, there are barely any impurities. However, Lappish gold does contain some silver, which makes it perfect for making beautiful, unique items of jewellery.

Certified Lappish gold is not only pure, but it’s also ethical and fully traceable. When you buy certified Lappish gold as a nugget or a piece of jewellery, you know exactly which gold digger has found the gold, when it was found and where. Wouldn’t it be fun to know, near which of Lapland’s wild fells or by which flowing river, the gold from the ring that glistens on your finger was discovered?

In Lapland, loose gold is dug responsibly and sustainably using traditional methods. No chemicals or toxic substances are used. Nuggets are separated from the gravel simply with water and skilfull use of a pan.

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