The Sámi villages of Vuotso and Purnumukka

In the nook of the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve and Urho Kekkonen National Park by the E4 carriageway lies Finland's southernmost Sámi village, Vuotso (Vuohčču in Sámi language).
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The Sámi people are the only indigenous peoples in the European Union area, and Vuotso is the southernmost Sámi village in Finland. The Vuotso canal flows through the village joining some of the largest reservoirs in Europe, Lokka and Porttipahta.

To the north of Vuotso there is another old Sámi village, Purnumukka. A magnificent 15-kilometre long Tankajoki canoe route runs through the village.

Story Villages or Tarinakylät project has been carried out in six Lappish villages. Read more:


99690 Vuotso

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